Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal to make the making of The Godfather unreasonably handsome

Have you ever wished to see The Godfather as made by people more attractive than its cast? Good news!

Now Oscar Isaac will play Francis Ford Coppola alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as producer Robert Evans in Francis and The Godfather, a film about the making of Coppola’s 1972 classic. While Evans was admittedly a pretty decent-looking dude, come on with Isaac as Coppola. That is outrageous. At least just stick Coppola heir Jason Schwartzman in there. This is like casting Brad Pitt as Spielberg. Sure, he could do a good job, but let’s get real here.

Anyway, Barry Levinson is directing this film Coppola will jerk off to, imagining how Diane Keaton would immediately fall in love with her hunky director.

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