Phoebe Waller-Bridge is no longer the Mrs. to Donald Glover’s Mr. Smith

Bad news for anyone hoping to see Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Donald Glover get back together outside the context of giving Han Solo a needless origin story: the pair are no longer reuniting to remake Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Earlier this year, it was said the respective Fleabag and Atlanta creators would again collaborate to co-create and star in a series reboot of the 2005 action-comedy. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Waller-Bridge has—in a very Fleabag move—had second thoughts and decided to flake on it.

Glover was the one who came up with the take and brought it to her. It seems her interest in his pitch has faded through its further development though, as it’s said she’s walking away due to having “a different creative vision for the series.”

With the show still set to hit Amazon next year, it’s said recasting has already begun. Now Glover just needs to find another beautiful, British, funny fellow creator-actor of a recently award-winning, critically-acclaimed comedy-drama to pair up with. Michaela Coel maybe?

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