Rap-sing some pre-Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda with the In the Heights trailer

After the massive success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s magnum opus of edutainment, Hamilton, studios have been desperate to use the star/creator and his ever-returning little goatee in projects.

While Disney has been dumping him into everything from Star Wars, to The Odd Life of Timothy Green, to Mary Poppins, Warner Bros. has decided to take a more pragmatic approach. They’re going straight to the source of Miranda’s fame with a film version of Miranda’s original hip-hop-for-theater-nerds piece, In the Heights. (Though only after the adaptation changed studio hands a few times, to be fair.)

Directed by experienced song & dance & underrepresented demographics director Jon M. Chu (Jem and the Holograms, a couple Step Ups, and most recently Crazy Rich Asians), the film focuses on the hopes and ambitions of neighbors living in Manhattan’s then-not-so-gentrified Washington Heights. Also, everyone sort of rap-sings, and it’s unclear whether that’s meant to be the draw or just completely annoying.

Figure it out when In the Heights heads into theaters June 26.

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