Say Hello to the terrible Halo trailer

Well, it only took 17 years of development hell, but popular video game franchise Halo is actually hitting the screen later this month. And it looks about right for an almost two-decade journey for a video game about the faceless, near-nameless man in generic green armor would look like. Take a peek with the final trailer for the Halo series.

Pablo Schreiber stars as Master Chief, a character about as interesting as his title. He sure is a guy! He fights aliens or something! And to pad that conflict out with more than shooting guns, there’s also a terrible actor who says, “What else are you willing to sacrifice!?” And another terrible actor who responds, “Everything!” The whole thing reeks of Syfy with a reasonable budget and a recognizable video game character. Helluva combo, right?

Halo arrives at the barren hellscape of Star Trek derivations that is Paramount+ March 24.

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