Pete Davidson series to somehow give us even more Pete Davidson

Between his tabloid exploits and the semi-autobiographical King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson has already made his personal life more than too much of a public record. Unless you are a disproportionately attractive female celebrity, you have probably had more than your fill of Pete Davidson being Pete Davidson. Yet Davidson, as relentless in exposing himself to us as he is exposing himself in multi-million-dollar bedrooms, apparently has more about his life to tell us about.

According to Deadline, now has another vanity project in the works. Titled Bupkis, the series will see Davidson play—who else?—himself in what’s basically a version of Curb Your Enthusiasm where the lead is constantly chuckling at his own jokes. His SNL boss Lorne Michaels is producing through Broadway Video.

It’s said the comedy will feature “unapologetically unfiltered, R-rated storytelling,” so yes, we will get to see it on-screen when Kanye West murders Pete Davidson.

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