She-Ra may fight Hordak again in live-action Amazon series

A spin-off to a cartoon made to sell toys to kids who are now around 40 is getting its second series reboot of the last three years. As only makes sense!

Variety brings word that She-Ra is making her streaming shift, going from Netflix to Amazon with a new, disconnected series that will likewise shift from animation to live-action.

Though her story changed somewhat in Netflix’s recently-ended She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, She-Ra was originally conceived as sister to He-Man and basically had the same deal going on. You know the routine: magic sword that transforms them into a more powerful, more nude hero; at war with this weird skull-head bodybuilder; bunch of sexy or freakish background players. Classic Masters of the Universe, in that the idea of exploring multiple masters of any universe was never really brought up by anyone.

What will be more interesting is whether Amazon Studios can actually get this off the ground.

He-Man himself only ever made it to screen in the flesh in a panned 1987 cult bomb that saw Dolph Lundgren as the film’s lead. A reboot has been in the works for well over a decade—to no avail. Last we recall, the guys who made Band of Robbers were supposed to have it in theaters in… 2019? Whoops.

So, with no actors, writers, directors, or anyone else attached at all, we’ll see if this actually goes anywhere. As the numerous Masters of the Universe reboot attempts and more recent notorious bomb John Carter taught us, it turns out this sword-and-sorcery-plus-space-opera thing is sort of hard to pull off if you aren’t in a Frank Frazetta painting.

Or an action figure where everyone has one of three hot bods.

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