Spinal Tap sequel to go one louder, several older

Once a comedy vanguard, This Is Spinal Tap is now, unfortunately, catching up with the rest of its era of entertainment: It’s getting a legacy sequel.

Deadline brings word that the iconic 1984 mockumentary will beget Spinal Tap II, a reunion follow-up that will rightfully not acknowledge that there already was a made-for-TV reunion follow-up.

Original director Rob Reiner will return as both director and in-world director Marty DiBergi, joining original trio Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer—the stars not coincidentally recently settling a four-year lawsuit over revenue from their film and its merchandising.

Just as timely, the film is said to be rooted in the recently-departed Tony Hendra’s Spinal Tap manager, Ian Faith, likewise dying. The plot will see Faith’s widow discovering an old contract guaranteeing the band to play one more show, forcing the now-estranged Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, and Derek Smalls to take the stage again. Now who’s smelling the glove, huh?

While it’s great the old gang is getting back together, it’s difficult to imagine this going that well. Guest’s improv-heavy spiritual Spinal Tap successors have been waning with his last couple forgettable efforts, and already Reiner is on about how he’s hoping to get cameos that will doubtlessly blow out the naturalism that made the first movie work so well.

But at least the group, their profit deal now sorted, isn’t subtle about their motivation.

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