Dan Stevens, Adam Wingard re-teaming for Godzilla vs. Kong sequel, possibly The Guest 2

Dan Stevens, who at some point became an even campier version of Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja, is re-teaming with director Adam Wingard.

According to Deadline, the pair will make their joint follow-up to 2014’s awesome The Guest with a sequel to last year’s Godzilla vs. Kong. Details on Stevens’ character and the film’s plot aren’t yet known, but it’s likely he will be some dude, and the movie will involve giant monsters clobbering each other.

But you know what else they may do as a follow-up to 2014’s awesome The Guest? The Guest 2!

Wingard and writer Simon Barrett recently released a would-be soundtrack to the currently non-existent sequel, and apparently it got them thinking that maybe they should just go ahead and actually make the movie.

Speaking to Empire, Wingard said, “[The soundtrack] really pushed me and Simon into a creative headspace. We’re talking about developing a potential sequel as a real project.”

He said that Stevens “would love to do it,” adding that they could even do the sequel as a limited series.

“Something we could really sink our teeth into,” he said, definitely gazing at this image:

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