The Mandalorian speaks in a trailer that says it’s a pretty fun time

After five prequels and two (with a third coming) sequels fleshing out the known characters and events of the Star Wars universe, finally there’s a new chapter beholden less to the established conflict than to the mechanics and aesthetics. Or at least that’s how it seems—and what we hope—with this new trailer for Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

Pedro Pascal, yet unseen and scarcely heard, stars alongside a fascinatingly eclectic cast that includes Werner Herzog(!), Gina Carano, Nick Nolte, Giancarlo Esposito, Carl Weathers, Ming-Na Wen, Bill Burr, and Taika Waititi. And with episodes directed by the likes of Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow, Waititi, and other names, damned if The Mandalorian doesn’t look like a fun little space Western that’s saved a bit of budget on not designing any new helmet concepts.

The series begins streaming November 12.

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