You won’t even believe how stupidly irresponsible Michael Bay’s Songbird trailer is

The rah-rah American jingoism of Michael Bay has mutated into its next logical form: nutbag, right-wing bullshit.

Executive produced by Bay, Songbird was proudly shot in LA amid the ongoing pandemic yet somehow manages to be even more utterly irresponsible in its messaging. The film is set in 2023, with the COVID-19 virus since mutated several times over and the US on lockdown. As if anyone right now wants to watch a movie about the subject to begin with, Songbird seems to put its full weight into the idea that this is all about big government using the virus to restrict our freedoms. It’s hard to imagine anything more tone deaf, and that’s saying a lot for a Bay-produced project.

Archie stars alongside Sofia Carson, with Bradley Whitford, Demi Moore, Alexandra Daddario, Peter Stormare, Craig Robinson, and Paul Walter Hauser among the others who for some reason agreed to make this trash. While there’s not yet a release date, Songbird will no doubt defiantly hit theaters, because THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT STOP US FROM KILLING OURSELVES TO WATCH MOVIES FROM THE TRANSFORMER MAN.

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