4-Day Weekend Box Office: Glass tops, Dragon Ball surprises, and Replicas free-falls

Just as it did narratively, Glass has managed to fall at the low end of its much-hyped expectations at the box office, too. Over the weekend, M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable series closer (we can only hope) opened at number one but fell a few million short of what some predicted would be a $50 million-plus MLK weekend four-day. Still, given that Shyamalan made the thing for a reported $20 million, it’s nonetheless a success.

Yet the real success story of the weekend belongs to Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Like a guy arriving to a party in a Goku shirt, the Dragon Ball wrapper on this thing didn’t have people expecting much from it. But damned if it didn’t prove quite a little hit, falling just shy of overtaking Aquaman with a fourth place $11.5 million.

Hoo boy, though… Replicas!

After its disastrous, 13th-place opening last weekend, Replicas actually managed to climb into the top ten. Or, rather, a top ten.

Its box office dropping over 81%, the profoundly stupid Keanu Reeves vehicle now holds the ninth worst second weekend of all time for a wide release. Sorry, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace: you’ve dropped to fourteenth worst.

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