A Christmas Story will get its third direct sequel—now on HBO Max!

“You’ll shoot your IP out, kid.”

Like Home Alone, A Christmas Story has long been a Christmas classic that’s been quietly churning out lesser sequels for which Daniel Stern and/or Kieran Culkin would appear but once. Also like Home Alone, it’s getting yet another sequel—and this one’s headed straight to a streaming service.

Yes, following in the ornament shard-covered footsteps of Dinsey+’s Home Sweet Home Alone, A Christmas Story has a sequel coming to HBO Max.

While Bob Clark’s iconic 1983 comedy has already seen two direct sequels—1994’s My Summer Story, with Culkin as Ralphie, and 2012’s A Christmas Story 2, with Daniel Stern as The Old Man—this one is being touted as the most direct yet. Titled A Christmas Story Christmas, it will be the first iteration yet to involve original star Peter Billingsley. Recently seen briefly in Spider-Man: Far from Home, Billingsley will return as Ralphie (Ralph?). It’s the ’70s now, and he’s reconnecting with childhood friends, dealing with the death of his foul-mouthed father, and bringing his own kids to his old house on Cleveland Street. Also, Julie Hagerty is his mom now.

Won’t be long until you’ll finally have an answer when your kids ask, “But did Ralphie still retain both his eyes at 50?”

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