Kate McKinnon meets the Tiger King in Peacock’s Joe vs Carole trailer

There have been no less than three Tiger King series dramatizations underway since Netflix’s documentary became a surprise hit. But only one of them has foolishly gone far enough to have a trailer. Have a look with the first teaser for Peacock’s Joe vs Carole.

This one sees James Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic, with Kate McKinnon playing Carole Baskin exactly as she would have played her on SNL. Kyle MacLachlan co-stars as the husband Carole may or may not have obviously murdered, William Fichtner plays journalist Rick Kirkham, and Dean Winters is fellow cat enthusiast Jeff Lowe. Sure to be a treat for anyone hoping to see the outrageous story and over-the-top characters of Tiger King as an NBC sitcom!

A woefully timely one, too: Joe vs Carole premieres in March, two years after the pandemic hit and we were all into Tiger King for a few weeks.

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