Adam Sandler gets his Glass Onion in the Murder Mystery 2 trailer

Here’s a mystery to solve: Why Netflix made a lawful-evil counterpart to their Glass Onion. It’s another whodunit sequel that features broad comedy and big stars, but this one is bad and closely follows the Adam Sandler rulebook (travel to an exotic locale, wife out of his league, looks like garbage).

Yes, it’s the Murder Mystery 2 trailer!

Sandler and Jennifer Aniston return in the roles of Adam Sandler and His Inordinately Attractive Spouse. There’s more killing going on amidst a prominently-featured vacation, and who better to fill roughly 90 minutes solving it on a streaming service than these two and also Mark Strong?

The real mystery is why do they keep making these, am I right???

With that as my try-out to write Murder Mystery 3, I leave you with the knowledge that Murder Mystery 2 hits Netflix March 31.

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