Alright, Horse Girls, here’s your Black Beauty trailer

The dorks have had their latest Batman movie delayed, but good news for the horse girls out there: your equine Batman is back with Disney+’s new Black Beauty. Already adapted almost a dozen times before, this nearly century-and-a-half-year-old tale is back with a contemporary take on how a girl is really into this poorly-named horse.

Fans of the original 1877 novel may note that this trailer in almost no way resembles that. But also it’s weird that it’s never revealed that Kate fucking Winslet gives the horse a voice. And it’s likewise odd how lines like, “How could a horse save a person?” and “If I’d fought for every horse I’d ever loved, I’d have a hundred of ‘em,” are tossed in there, as if any human has ever said anything resembling that. Is Ser Jorah playing Mr. Hands or what?

We’ll find out when Black Beauty hits Disney+ November 27.

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