Bad Boys 4 confirms bad boy-dom indeed a life sentence

With Sony’s Bad Boys for Life hitting theaters this weekend, the studio has one quick correction to make regarding the promises made in the film’s trailer.

So, that part where Martin Lawrence says, “One last time,” and then Will Smith confirms, “One last time,” and then they bump fists to confirm that it’s indeed the one last time? Well, it’s not actually going to be the last time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is already in development on a sequel. Chris Bremner, one of Bad Boys for Life‘s three credited writers, has signed on to write a follow-up script. Lest anyone fear the torch has been passed to actors anywhere in the neighborhood of being “boys,” it’s assured, “Smith and Lawrence are, of course, expected to return.”

It seems being a bad boy is, as touted in this latest sequel’s title, a lifetime curse—an incurable pox plaguing Miami with a grotesque jaundice. But whatcha want? Whatcha want? Whatcha gonna do?

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