Oscar Isaac to star in different Ex Machina than his last Ex Machina

Hey, Oscar Isaac is going to star in Ex Machina! But now a different Ex Machina, where he probably won’t even do a cool dance.

THR reports Isaac is attached to produce and star in The Great Machine, an adaptation of writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Tony Harris’s Eisen Award-winning Ex Machina comic series. Isaac will play Mitchell Hundred, the world’s first and only (former) superhero, able to communicate with and often take control of electronic devices. After 9/11, with Americans in panic about terrorist attacks, he’s subsequently elected mayor of New York City.

A film adaptation was first set up at New Line back in 2005, but like fellow Vaughan comic Y: The Last Man, it ended up in development hell, the rights recently returning to the creators. Now it’s set up at Legendary and, with Isaac signed on, it’s already made more progress than the last attempt. Can’t wait to see our hero put on a little vest and valiantly pose with his helmet again!

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