Battlestar Galactica is now being remade as a Simon Kinberg movie

For over a decade now, Universal has been intent on remaking Battlestar Galactica, which seems weird, because Battlestar Galactica was already remade with a wildly successful Syfy series that’s still very much in the public memory. Originally, the now-canceled Bryan Singer was taking on the task, but now it seems a different X-Men franchise hack is on the job.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new Battlestar Galactica iteration is in the works from writer-producer Simon Kinberg, writer of Fantastic Four and every main-series X-Men since The Last Stand. This is in addition to Peacock’s Battlestar reboot series also in the works with Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail. The classic narrative conflict of man vs. Cylon is simply too rich to not explore from every angle, on every medium, with varying production value, and with little to no breaks in between.

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