Built-in bathroom break: get listening to Billie Eilish’s James Bond theme out of the way right now

Cary Fukunaga’s No Time to Die, the 25th installment in the British Spyman franchise, hits theaters two months from now, but its 2021 Best Original Song Oscar nominee can be heard today.

As promised, it’s breathing Academy Award meme Billie Eilish crooning the surprisingly staid titular track, “No Time to Die,” and the chronically unenthused phenom born of trash pop and hair dye tosses it right across the plate. The song is sparse and plaintive, mainly relying on her mournful vocals and some faint instrumentation. It’s solidly Bond-y; more Adele’s “Skyfall” than Madonna’s “Die Another Day.”

Check it out and, while listening, imagine what the series’ perennial opening credits nude women silhouettes will be replaced with in the 2020 climate. May I suggest Pit Pat?

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