Curb Your Enthusiasm release date revealed in season 11 teaser

Larry David already beat everyone to a big hand sanitizer gag in burning down his coffee shop via Purell in Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s now-prescient March 2020 season 10 finale.

A year-and-a-half later, he’s set to return again in a new season that writer, director, and executive producer Jeff Schaffer has said will be in “a post-COVID world.” So, set in a sci-fi future—as evidenced by this new teaser that blends outer space imagery with the familiar image of an aging, scowling “bald brother” of the 2001 baby. Stanley Kubrick was a coward not to do this with Jason Alexander for Eyes Wide Shut.

Anyway, outside of the single loose joke in this teaser, the main gist is that the new Curb hits HBO services October 24. It’s not post-COVID but maybe closer! Hopefully closer! Maybe closer.

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