Issa Rae, Jordan Peele teaming for movie about a magic sinkhole

We’ve all been waiting for a movie about a reparative sinkhole, and it looks like Issa Rae and Jordan Peele are going to be the ones to finally give it to us.

According to Deadline, the two are teaming up for Sinkhole, a psychological horror film about a family moving into a home with a gaping sinkhole in its backyard. Turns out, anything broken that’s dropped into the sinkhole reappears on their coffee table, good as new. Rae is expected to star as the wife and mother who tests out what happens if a person jumps in there.

Based on this short story by Leyna Krow, the film is said to “engage with questions of female perfection and identity.” So, sadly, we probably aren’t going to see a dude fuck the hole to reverse his circumcision. Woulda been cool, though.

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