Jennifer Lopez to star in AI movie that may as well be computer-learned

It seems Ben Affleck is not Jennifer Lopez’s only recent tryst into recidivism: she’s also ready to dive back into terrible early ’00s genre thrillers.

The Enough star is reportedly set to produce and star in Netflix’s Brad Peyton-directed Atlas, which, wow, sure does sound trite. J.Lo will play our next Sarah Connor as “a woman fighting for humanity in a future where an AI soldier has determined the only way to end war is to end humanity.” The thing is, there’s only one way she can outsmart this rogue AI—and you’re not gonna believe how. BY TEAMING UP WITH ANOTHER AI. And she hates those! Like AI machine-learning itself, it is tiresome how rote this sounds.

Coming from Netflix, it raises the question, if they’re looking for this high-concept, combative-buddy-action shit again, why not just make another Orc Cop. Unfortunately, Netflix has already answered with: “We’re also doing that.”

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