Jenny Slate and Charlie Day do rote romantic comedy in the I Want You Back trailer

Charlie Day already did some Strangers on a Train-ing for Horrible Bosses. Now he’s back to do a rom-com relationship-killing take with Jenny Slate in I Want You Back. Here’s the incredibly predictable trailer.

Day and Slate star as “sadness sisters” who were just broken up with by the loves of their lives. Their respective exes, Gina Rodriguez and Scott Eastwood, have already moved on to new partners, so the dumped duo hatch a plan to try to each break up the other ex’s new relationship. But it sort of seems like maybe Day and Slate could actually end up ultimately realizing they’d fallen in love with each other??? Crazier things (and almost exactly that thing in other movies) have happened!

We’ll only have certainty when I Want You Back hits Prime Video February 11.

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