Spider-Man: No Way Home had the second-highest opening ever

Well, you can stop worrying about whether Kevin Feige will have to sell his ballcaps to afford his wife some fancy combs. This guy just had a big windfall!

According to Sony, Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s weekend release was not just the biggest domestic super-spreader event of the year: It was also by far the biggest domestic opening event of the year—and the second biggest of all time. The studio today confirmed that unexpectedly large Sunday crowds, teaming with excitement and viral loads, officially pushed No Way Home‘s opening weekend beyond even Avengers: Infinity War, grossing over $260 million. Pretty great for a pandemic release, huh?

Ultimately could be sort of bad in the grander scheme, but in terms of numbers, very good.

There is some sad news, though: Caitlin Feige can’t even use her fancy combs. She donated all her hair for plugs so that Kevin wouldn’t have to wear the ballcaps all the time.

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