Jon Bernthal becomes Richard Gere’s escort in the American Gigolo trailer

The Punisher is back…

Back to punishin’ that puss!

The Richard Gere 1980 classic American Gigolo has been remade as a series—and now Jon Bernthal stars as escort Julian Kaye. Have a look in the first trailer.

Showtime’s take moves the story along both in terms of setting and where it picks up. While the original saw Gere’s Kaye embroiled in a murder frame-job, the series sees Bernthal’s Kaye having already been convincted and wrongly imprisoned. 15 years since his conviction, he’s released and struggling to sort out sex work when he completely missed out on the Backpage era.

Gretchen Mol co-stars alongside the likes of Rosie O’Donnell and Wayne Brady. Was this movie cast by Ellen-adjacent daytime talk shows of 2000?

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