Jon Watts drops out of our latest Fantastic Four

After delivering three very fun if visually unremarkable Spider-Man movies, Jon Watts has decided he needs a break from being one of Marvel’s most reliable deliverers of that kind of thing.

Though he’s been attached to direct the latest Fantastic Four for over a year, Watts today announced he was walking away from the project, Deadline citing not even the usual “creative differences”; he’s just exhausted with doing these and needs a break. And who could blame him?

Sadly, it seems the Cop Car director is not moving on to give us Cop Car 2: Another Cop Car. It’s said that Watts will instead likely move on to an Apple TV+ film he pitched that would see George Clooney and Brad Pitt re-teaming to play absurdly handsome rival “fixers” who find themselves hired for the same job.

Despite his leaving Fantastic Four, Sony and Marvel are already saying they expect Watts to later circle back for further Spider-flicks. Because soon every movie will have a Spider-Man in it.

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