Kevin Smith climbs further up his own jorts in the Clerks III trailer

Look, what can really be said about Kevin Smith’s Clerks III? It’s been as inevitably long-coming as his heart attack and looks nearly as painful, and like his wife’s “clit/brown/taint-area,” it “pOwns [his] dick”—in that this is clearly Smith’s most masturbatory, self-indulgent effort yet. If it were for you, you’d already know it. Yet, nonetheless, there is a trailer. Have a look.

The sequel sees original stars Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson return as Dante and Randal (respectively), with a supporting cast that of course includes Smith, Jason Mewes, and a bunch of the writer-director’s other regulars. Marijuana, for one.

Combining Smith’s hospitalization from a few years back with the making of his breakout success, the movie centers on Randal deciding that he needs to do something with his life after a sudden heart attack. That thing? Basically making 1994’s Clerks in the present day. In terms of being self-referential, it’s a hat on a hat on a hat. Or, rather, a backwards cap on an oversized blazer on a hockey jersey on some jorts.

Clerks III hits theaters this September.

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