LeatherfaceApp: Watch Netflix’s dreadfully relevant Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer

One of the most horrifically gritty, grisly horror movies to ever reach the mainstream now has a sequel wherein its protagonist wears his skinned human face onto a party bus, where he’s streamed on social media and threatened with being “canceled.” Should be good!

Hop on the party bus and take a look with the trailer for Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The ninth film in the franchise is unabashedly just doing what David Gordon Green did with 2018’s Halloween—a soft reboot that ignores every other sequel and pits the original, now-vengeful last girl against her mask-wearing unstoppable foe decades later. But much worse, obviously.

Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre star Marilyn Burns is not exactly Jamie Lee Curtis, and is also not exactly alive anymore. So now it’s just this other lady playing Sally Hardesty, which is not really as fun of a callback. But it is, admittedly, pretty fun that Leatherface aged into prank character Karl Havoc:

Honestly, they may as well just do Texas Beamsaw Massacre 2055, and the chainsaw has a laser blade. It would be terrible, but at least it’s a more interesting time and technology leap than “Leatherface on TikTok.”

Leatherface on Netflix streams February 18.

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