A24 does somber A.I. in Kogonada’s After Yang trailer

Remember the days when a Colin Farrell movie about androids that could be spies would have been the dumbest action-thriller of the year?

No longer! Our boy Colin realized he could hide behind a touch of facial hair and give us some intimate, thoughtful indie work. And here’s the trailer for his latest turn on that side of the theater aisle, After Yang.

Set in a world where lifelike androids exist, Kogonada‘s follow-up to his highly-praised Columbus sees Farrell as a man who is not even hunting the so-called techno sapiens. Quite the opposite! He and wife Jodie Turner-Smith have their own techno sapien in Yang, who serves as an au pair and Korean cultural bridge. When Yang goes defunct, Farrell and his family have to deal with his loss and potential return. No doubt deal with some existential thoughts about what it means to be human, too.

After Yang hits theaters and streams on Showtime March 4.

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