Let Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart waste your time with the Me Time trailer

Netflix has rightly earned a lot of criticism for pandering to their lowest algorithmically-calculated denominator. They find the most bankable stars in Hollywood, give them huge paydays to do some trash, and use whatever of our subscription cash is left to make the worst-looking, most generic trash to ever fade into a digital oblivion.

And here’s another one of those! Have a look in the dismal trailer for Me Time.

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg star in what is basically Central Intelligence, Daddy’s Home, and a half-dozen other trash comedies fed into a blender to be poured down our throats as the streaming mush that it is.

Hart plays a stay-at-home father—you’re laughing already, right?—given some brief time off from his wife and kids. He reluctantly uses some of that time to meet up with old friend Mark Wahlberg—the latest muscle-boy to get Kevin Hart into trouble. And that trouble looks even murkier, green-screened, and desperate for laughs than Thor: Love and Thunder. A truly dire effort that need not exist yet will inevitably hack and sputter a life long enough to birth a sequel.

Me Time can waste Your Time starting August 26.

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