Marvel’s Eternals teaser offers a new superhero team—now with low-key lighting!

Coming from recent Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao, this teaser for Marvel’s Eternals borders on satire of “what if the director of Nomadland made a superhero movie?” Gone are Eternals creator Jack Kirby’s bold, technicolor designs. Here it’s all soft elegance and pastels, and every other hour is the Golden Hour. It’s a welcome change of pace from Marvel’s usual samey brand, but after Thor: Ragnarok gave a bright, blocky taste of Kirby, this seems like a missed opportunity to go all-in on a buffet. Kirby’s Eternals was filled with a bunch of insane-looking cosmic shit, and somehow this seems to almost entirely be centered on a lovely beach approaching dusk. Given the brief glimpse of a wedding we’re shown, does this just take place within a honeymoon? Just saying, this could maybe have had more fun than a closing sitcom joke from a Matt LeBlanc surrogate. Just a thought!

We’ll see whether this movie ever features full-color photography when Eternals hits theaters this November.

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