Netflix orders Skull Island and Tomb Raider anime series

Now that we’ve come to realize 2017-18 was actually a relatively halcyon period of life, back when you could see a movie in a theater, Netflix is tapping into our undeserved nostalgia for the era’s films. They’ve reportedly made orders for anime series based on Kong: Skull Island and Tomb Raider. Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind Castlevania, is heading up the projects. Skull Island will see a shipwrecked crew trying to escape the various dangers of the prehistoric island and its large ape. Tomb Raider likewise has no direct connection to its film predecessor(s) but will build on the last video game trilogy, once again seeing Lara Croft shooting and rolling or whatever.

In the interest of fairness, now both Croft and Kong should be depicted in a tight-fitting tank top.

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