Quentin Tarantino might make a Star Trek movie

Finally climbing out from his wheelhouse of reinvented pastiches of dated, relatively obscure genre productions, Quentin Tarantino is in talks to now make a reinvented pastiche of a dated, wildly popular genre production. According to Deadline, Tarantino is in talks to possibly direct a Star Trek feature film. Naturally, he has his own distinctive take on how he wants to go at the material, and it’s said he’s already pitched it to franchise shepherd J.J. Abrams. The plan is for a team of writers to tackle Tarantino’s pitch while he’s off making his movie about 1969 Los Angeles and the Manson murders. Assuming the writers room can put something together Tarantino approves of (rambling monologue in which the captain relates the Prime Directive to 1987’s animated crossover The Jetsons Meets the Flintstones; music cues even more egregious than the last couple Beastie Boys needle-drops), the idea is for him to possibly direct.

There’s not yet a timeline for when we may finally hear Admiral Samuel L. Jackson call a Vulcan a motherfucker.

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