Renée Zellweger is finally getting her Tin Cup

A quarter century since we let Kevin Costner yuk it up on the links in Tin Cup, at last Renée Zellweger is getting her own relationship-based golf comedy.

Bridget Jones has reportedly signed on to star in The Back Nine, a film co-written and to be directed by The Comeback creator Michael Patrick King. Zellweger will play a golfer named Casey Jones, because King has evidently not seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The story sees Jones giving up her golf career so her husband could have his; 25 years later, with her marriage collapsing and son off to college, “she dusts off the clubs she tossed aside years ago in an effort to finally turn pro and redefine the ‘back nine’ of her life.” IT’S A DOUBLE MEANING, FOLKS.

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