Rob Zombie’s The Munsters trailer is, faithfully, a towering monstrosity

Well, this sure is something.

The trailer is Rob Zombie’s The Munsters reboot movie is here, and… huh! This guy sure did put his wife in another thing! Have a look above.

NBCUniversal has spent more than a decade acting like The Munsters intellectual property is a jewel in their crown—as if the Hotel Transylvania franchise hasn’t been doing loosely the same premise for the last decade itself. Since 2010, NBCU has separately hired Bryan Fuller, Seth Meyers, and the Wayans brothers to attempt Munsters reboots, but nothing ever went past the pilot stage. So it’s completely baffling that this is what is what’s finally heading to screens: Rob Zombie’s most wildly unprofessional effort yet.

The lighting, acting, VFX, sound, and editing are all just abominable. It looks less like something an actual studio put out than something a wealthy high school’s teachers made for a Halloween pep rally. Very, very poor. Yet, in a way, probably more intriguing than some generic, straightforward update. This will certainly be something.

Something bad, but something.

We’ll see just what that something is when The Munsters hits Peacock later this year.

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