Spirit Halloween movie to bring itinerant costume store to screens

The folks at Spirit Halloween have figured out a new way to get themselves in some strip malls for about a month: they’re making a movie.

According to Variety, the ephemeral holiday costume and decor shop will be at the center of an eponymous family film. It’s said the movie will see a Spirit Halloween, its spirit notorious for possessing the dusty carcasses of deserted businesses, now itself being possessed by a malevolent spirit. Here we find out what happens when there’s a real spirit in a Spirit, and there also aren’t any sort of branded costumes or merchandise, because obviously no one’s paying the licensing for Iron Man or Elsa or whatever.

Case in point: the film’s big-name stars have already been cast, and they probably cost about as much as a month’s rent in an abandoned Toys “R” Us. It’s Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook! They’ll be joined by a young cast that includes Donavan Colan (Zoe), Raven’s Home actors Dylan Frankel and Marissa Reyes, Jaiden Smith (no, not Jaden Smith), and 227’s own Marla Gibbs.

The story sees the younger cast as middle schoolers who make a dare to spend Halloween night in the titular store. And what do they find? Impending discounts!

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