The Guilty trailer says, Hello, this is 9-1-1, Jake Gyllenhaal speaking

At its surface, The Guilty asks, “What if Jake Gyllenhaal were the lead in the 2013 Halle Berry 9-1-1 thriller The Call.”

But to look deeper, it’s actually, “What if Jake Gyllenhaal were the lead in the 2018 Danish 9-1-1 thriller Den skyldige.” Because that is literally what this is.

The remake sees Gyllenhaal as a cop assigned emergency call desk duty after a shooting—our restless Bubble Boy once again forced to stay inside against his will. Bored at first, he finally gets some action when an abducted mother gives him a ring, sending him on a personal crusade when the rest of the 9-1-1 department is oddly dismissive of this development. Jake is gonna do what it takes to sort out this stereotypical white van kidnapping.

The film is written by True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, so maybe this will be really good before the sequels sort of lose us.

We’ll find out October 1.

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