The Knives Out sequel has a title that does not involve knives

Forget all your gimmicky ideas like Knives In or Knives: 2 Far Out. Rian Johnson has revealed the actual title of his Knives Out sequel—and it is not some crap like that.

The title, as seen in the teaser above? Glass Onion. Like the Beatles song! Or like the onion-shaped bottles of the 17th and 18th centuries that could easily be used as a bludgeoning murder weapon! Or like the concept of peeling back layer after layer, only to realize it was a transparent conclusion all along! Like one or several of those!

One thing’s for certain: with Netflix giving Johnson $450 million for Glass Onion and its sequel against the $40 million the original cost, he could definitely afford to put the song in there if he wants. Could probably get a CGI John Lennon to sing it, too. Who cares?

Anyway, Glass Onion is set to arrive later this year.

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