Netflix gives Rian Johnson a Blanc check for his Knives Out sequels

We’ve known Rian Johnson was working on followups to Knives Out for a while now, but here’s an interesting update: they’re headed to Netflix—and they’re going to be a couple of the most weirdly expensive movies ever made.

The first film made $311.4 million on a $40 million budget. Logic dictates that this means the series could continue as a mid-budget franchise that generates a hefty profit, but that’s not how Netflix thinks. They’re just flashin’ their cash around, so they’re apparently giving Johnson $450 million to make two sequels following the further cases of Benoit Blanc.

It’s like, great for Johnson, Daniel Craig, and anyone else who’s gonna get paid, because Knives Out was a fun little romp. But did Netflix not even negotiate or what? Just sorta seems like a lot for what is essentially two episodes of Columbo. There’s no way Peacock is paying that for an entire season of Rian Johnson doing Natasha Lyonne as Columbo, right?

But, hey, it’s not our money. Oh, wait…

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