The Last of Us making post-apocalyptic trek to HBO

The Last of Us people

With Sonic the Hedgehog becoming an unlikely hit despite being pretty awful, now even prestige television is ready dip its toes into video game adaptations.

THR reports that HBO has started development on a series based on The Last of Us, the hit 2013 survival-horror game. In an all-too-rare move with these things, the game’s writer and creative director (Neil Druckmann) has been brought on to executive produce and assist Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin in the writing.

The story follows the journey of a teenage girl (Ellie) and yet another dark-haired, stubbly, ruggedly-handsome white guy to lead a Playstation tentpole game (Joel). In a world where a fungus has turned much of humanity into cannibalistic mutants, Ellie’s immunity may lead to mankind’s salvation, and it’s up to Joel to escort her through post-apocalyptic America. In other words, the answer to: What if Paper Moon had more horrific freak-shooting? And how could that not make it better?

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