The Mandalorian Recap: S01E06, “Mando Joins a One-Off D&D Adventure Party”

Well, Mando and Baby Yoda are still not officially an item, but there are some new developments in this latest episode of The Mandalorian.

We begin with Mando landing his ship on some station headed by Mark Boone Junior. In Boone’s Patriot follow-up to being early friends with a dry, quiet but strangely charismatic murderer, here he’s also already acquainted with our lead.

Anyway, Mando is apparently the only guy with the car cool enough to drive up to a prison where Boone wants to do a spring mission on a prisoner, so here we go. Mando is introduced to a crew that includes:

  • Leader Bill Burr, one of many unexpected comedy ringers in The Mandalorian cast but the first to confirm that Boston was still around in a time a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away…
  • Zero, a droid model from the original trilogy whose voice immediately makes it clear it’s Richard Ayoade continuing his IT career—even while proving the Phoebe Waller-Bridge rule that clever British comedians make some of the best new droids.
  • Clancy Brown as “the muscle,” a Devaronian that looks more like Tim Curry in Legend‘s idiot cousin.
  • And Natalia Tena’s Twi’lek who seems to have a sexual history with Mando but is thereafter almost entirely characterized by how much she likes her little throwing knives.

Anyway, this crew of scummy archetypes are off to this jail to rescue some guy. On the way, Bill Burr ends up finding mankind’s true real hero, Baby Yoda, but before that can lead to much, it’s interrupted by Ayoadroid making a rough landing on this prison thing.

“You’re up, Mando,” Bill Burr says, or something like that. And it’s weird, because Mando literally just plugs this box into a port and waits for the light to turn green before opening the port into this place. It’s definitely the lamest job. But damned if it doesn’t get them into the prison center that is clearly a single, very small set they keep repeatedly walking through.

This is definitely The Mummy, right?

Walking past the cells, our dungeon crawl crew see various criminals: a four-armed monkey thing; the place Arnold Vosloo has been kept since The Mummy; etc. Before they find the cell they’re looking for, though, they encounter one of those little rectangle robots that’s basically the Star Wars version of a Roomba. Clancy Devil shoots it, and that sets up a whole battle.

Don’t worry, though: Mando is very good at killing droids, because he’s basically a racist against them.

So, they get through that, and end up at this control center headed by one of those big-helmet guys in the New Republic. Mando was promised there would be only droids here, and with his new conscience of just wanting to kill droids still, he’s conflicted about shooting this New Republic dolt.

It leads to this obviously Reservoir Dogs-indebted situation where Mando, Burr, and this new dweeb are ready to shoot each other. It’s headed off from mutual destruction when Tena’s Twi’lek stabs the New Republic guy to death. Unfortunately, she also sets off a tracker he had that warns the New Republic forces to show up in, uhhhhhhh, 20 minutes-ish?

Now accessing the control room, the crew can free their target: a GUY’lek! It’s the Twi’lek’s brother!

Turns out, though, it was a trap. The crew knocks Mando into Guy’lek’s cell and locks him in. Meanwhile, slightly above relatively, Ayoadroid is realizing that he needs to capture or kill Baby Yoda in the name of destroyin the memes. It’s a real shit-show.

Don’t worry, though, because Mando figures out a way to grappling hook a droid to his cell door, tear the robot’s arm off, and use that to escape. He then heads to that prior control center to close off doors and encase all his former friends into woefully crimson-hued dark rooms.

Yada yada yada, Mando dispatches with Brown, Tena, and Burr in quick succession before grabbing target Guy’lek, shooting Ayoadroid before he could kill Baby Yoda (THANK GOD), and returning to Mark Boone Junior.

Mando gets his pay, but as he’s leaving, you can tell Boone and Guy’lek are definitely going to betray him. And sure enough, they immediately sent another fighter ship to shoot him down as soon as he leaves.

BUT! Turns out, Mando shoved that New Republic air conditioner remote of a tracking beacon in Guy’lek’s pants in what was a modest sexual assault we won’t address again. The New Republic is coming for THEM!

Sure enough, a very modest squadron of three X-wings arrive—each piloted by someone involved behind the scenes of the series’ production (director Deborah Chow, executive producer and writer Dave Filoni, and this episode’s director, Rick Famuyiwa).

So, those three blow up the aforementioned fighter craft and bring down the whole place. Meanwhile, Mando gives Baby Yoda his joystick ball, because we all understand that Baby Yoda likes that.

Also meanwhile, we see that off in the prison at least half of Mando’s squad is alive and only incarcerated. Has this guy got a lot to learn about the New Republic’s prison industrial complex or what?

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