The Mandalorian visits Mandalore, Carl Weathers in season 3 trailer

Remember how the first season of The Mandalorian was an enjoyable adventure-of-the-week series with fun, unexpected guest stars? And how, despite a drop in quality at several levels—including just bringing back old guest stars that were no longer unexpected—the second season saw the throughline of passing off of Baby Yoda finally, emotionally fulfilled? Well, the series’ third season trailer is here, and guess what: it seems The Mandalorian is just going to keep getting worse in exactly the same way.

As those who slogged their way through the insufferable Book of Boba Fett already know, Baby Yoda is back! We thought we were done with that, but someone decided that tending this bit of toy merchandise was more essential to the story than resolution, so he’s back in Mando’s lap and we’re back to the same old bullshit.

Per the trailer: “Being a Mandalorian’s not just about learning how to fight; you also have to know how to navigate the galaxy”—says the helmeted motherfucker who just keeps going back to the same overly-familiar friends and places in the entire galaxy (feel free to lose your mind if anyone even mentions Tatooine again). And yes, he’s still doing that.

Carl Weathers is also back! As is the Armorer! And Amy Sedaris! And this other guy! And—for fuck’s sake—Babu Frik from The Rise of Skywalker? Everyone’s back, folks! It would have been infinitely cooler if this season just saw something like Mando teaming up with a David Mitchell-voiced android to wage war on a union-busting crime lord played by David “Busted Poindexter” Johansen, but sure. Just keep following this terribly-lit path. This is, unfortunately, the way.

The Mandalorian’s third season hits Disney+ March 1.

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