This may be our new Superman

For as piss poor to mediocre as every DCEU entry has been so far, credit where’s it’s due, Warner Bros. has managed to nail some of the casting.

So, unsurprisingly, now they’re screwing up that too.

Seven months since dismissing Ben Affleck for a prettier, more lithe Batman, now it seems the studio is looking at doing the same for their perfectly-cast Superman.

Though Man of Steel‘s Henry Cavill recently said he’s “not given up the role,” rumors are swirling that The Politician‘s David Corenswet is now being eyed to take over as Clark Kent. Truly the ideal choice for anyone who hoped Cavill’s Superman would stumble into a molten Kryptonite vat of Cillian Murphy and Ben Whishaw.

We can only pray Martha may save Cavill from the chopping block again.

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