Tom Cruise needs additional speed in the Top Gun: Maverick trailer

Nearly three years since its first trailer, almost four years since its production began, ten years since the death of director Tony Scott, 14 years since talk of a Top Gun sequel first began, and 36 years since the release of the original, Top Gun: Maverick has been given a second trailer to remind us that it is finally hitting theaters this summer. Have a look.

Tom Cruise returns to the title role of Maverick, the bad boy pilot who shirks motorcycle helmet laws. Now he’s been brought on to mentor a new group of bad boy and bad girl pilots—among them, the late Goose’s son, Miles Teller, who has apparently inherited his father’s mustache. This time, Maverick and his team are “going into combat on a level no living pilot has ever seen.” What that means and who is even engaging the US in fighter plane combat remains to be seen.

Cruise will once again halt his usual scamper to fly jets and ride motorcycles when Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters May 27.

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