Walton Goggins, Peter Dinklage, and Bradley Whitford are our Lord and Savior(s) in the Three Christs trailer

From 1959 to 1961, psychologist Milton Rokeach staged a radical experiment in absolutely fucking around. Seeing three paranoid schizophrenic patients, all with delusions of being Jesus Christ, Rokeach took fellow scientist Peter Venkman’s stance: “Oh, wonderful, we have to get these three together.” And since there can only logically be one Jesus Christ… maybe they’ll somehow sort it out, despite being paranoid schizophrenics?

Based on Rokeach’s publication on the results of his shitting about with some wackos, The Three Christs sees Walton Goggins, Peter Dinklage, and Bradley Whitford as the three patients, with Richard Gere somehow trading the mental for the sentimental as Rokeach.

Directed and co-written by Fried Green Tomatoes and Righteous Kill director Jon Avnet, this experiment in bringing together three wonderfully verbose television stars hits theaters and on-demand January 10. But like today’s other featured trailer, The Last Full Measure, this thing has been sitting on the shelf since 2017 only to be dumped into a January release, so despite a strong cast, don’t expect a miracle from the Three Christs.

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