RR is a GTA NPC in the Free Guy trailer

What do you get when you combine producer-star Ryan Reynolds, Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy, a writer on Last Action Hero and Ready Player One, and the co-writer of Playing with Fire? Somehow, exactly that what barely palatable stew would be.

Have a taste with the trailer for Free Guy, a film that is basically Grand Theft Lego Movie.

Reynolds plays a video game NPC in some open-world GTA-style thing where, as a civilian banker, he’s accustomed to well-armed player characters constantly looting and destroying his city. One day, he for some reason gains free will and starts to fight back, joining Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer in some kind of anti-player revolution. Stranger Things‘ Joe Keery almost certainly plays the programmer who identifies that things have gone awry in the game, and Taika Waititi hams it up as what looks to be the asshole game company CEO.

Maybe we’ll figure out why the trailer opens with this meta, Deadpool-style not-quite-joke about the studio when Free Guy hits theaters July 3.

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