Alex Garland goes pastoral with his psych-thrills in the Men trailer

Ever hoped to see A24 horror combined with the Mike Myers-esque notion of having a whole cast of weird British men played by the same guy in different wigs? Here you go, pals! It’s the trailer for Men.

The latest from Alex Garland (Annihilation, Ex Machina) sees Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley as a woman who retreats to a quaint little countryside bread-and-breakfast after seeing her husband headfirst off a balcony. Weird thing about the small town surrounding it, though: all these Men have the face of Bond’s Bill Tanner—actor Rory Kinnear. Not at all a relaxing experience. One star for the Kinnear B&B, TripAdvisor.

Too Many Rorys hits theaters May 20.

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