Brendan Fraser’s career blast from the past continues as he joins Batgirl movie

The Brendan Fraser Brendassance is officially over. But it’s fine; it’s in a good way.

Following in the McConaissance path, this other dude from a desert adventure and a few things where he’s shirtless have been having an abrupt career second act. He was just in a Steven Soderbergh movie; he’ll soon do some scenery and food chewing in Darren Aronofsky’s adaptation of a play about a 600-pound man; he’s about to work with Martin Scorsese; and now the Doom Patrol star is joining the DC Comics universe in a larger role.

According to Deadline, the actor is set to play the main villain in HBO Max’s upcoming Batgirl. Sources report that he’s likely playing Firefly, a flamethrower-wielding pyromaniac arsonist. It’s time for the Encino Man to again create fire.

And with the casting, Fraser has now crossed over into just being a normal working actor. We don’t have to keep saying how we can’t remember what he’s done since 2010’s laughably-bad Furry Vengeance. Next time we report on Brendan Fraser being cast in something, we’re just going to say Brendan Fraser is in this, and that’s that. We won’t even bring up Inkheart anymore. He did his time. Fraser is back, good for him, and we are no longer going to dwell on it.


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