Live-action Voltron again attempting assembly

Like the long-stalled Masters of the Universe reboot, a live-action adaptation Voltron has spent over a decade-and-a-half buried in the sand of development hell. And as it goes with action figures left weathering in the sand, movement has become increasingly stiff.

But it looks like Rawson Marshall Thurber is ready to dig it out and give it his usual dull polish.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Red Notice and Skyscraper director is attached to co-write and direct the latest attempt at a live-action Voltron movie. And this one has already made it further than most.

It’s said Thurber’s pitch includes a teaser reel, and it has a good half-dozen studios in a bidding war. Warner, Universal, and Amazon are among the interested parties; Netflix, despite funding both Red Notice and the animated Voltron: Legendary Defender, is apparently not.

For those unfamiliar, Voltron is the intergalactic father that mated with Ultraman and Saved by the Bell to birth Power Rangers. Five young, uniformed heroes pilot color-coded robo-lions that, when combined, create a big mech dude with a sword. And instead of defending Earth and their high school, they defend the universe.

Bad news for frequent Thurber collaborator Dwayne Johnson, though: there is no fucking way he’s cramming himself into one of those lion cockpits.

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