Andor trailer takes us back to a prior Star War

Hey, remember that guy from Rogue One? Sure, it’s been six years now, but you know the guy. Obviously not Felicity Jones, and not Donnie Yen or Mads Mikkelsen or Riz Ahmed or whatever—the guy Diego Luna was. Remember that guy? Well, apparently his name was Andor, and now there’s this whole series about him for some reason. Take an early look with the trailer for his eponymous series.

The prequel sees Luna reprise his role as that titular guy who was cool and all but honestly we haven’t thought about since 2016. Here we needlessly join what was meant to be a purely Solo path of following this roguish hunk’s earlier years as a traitor to the Empire. Cool!(?) Though, admittedly, Disney getting Stellan Skarsgård involved at least follows the Mandalorian tradition of wonderfully-unlikely casting choices of Werner Herzog, Amy Sedaris, and Carl Weathers (Skarsgård’s Thor involvement aside). Love to see him—even in something so predictably muddy-looking if a tad more cinematic than the usual straight-to-streaming Star Wars fare.

Y tu emperador también will desperately try and sell itself with a three-episode premiere on Disney+ September 21.

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